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My twitter feed was literally exploding with this news when I checked it this morning - Becky Herbst (Liz Webber) has been fired from General Hospital.

According to the article on digitalspy (

"Storyline dictates the exit of Elizabeth Webber this spring. The next few months promise to be a "not to miss" story for the character. We at ABC and GH wish Rebecca Herbst nothing but the best in her future endeavours."

Dude, all I can say is - such bullshit. Why on earth did they bring back JJ if Lucky/Liz wasn't endgame? The whole thing makes no sense, especially as Liz actually has a story at the moment and hasn't been languishing on the backburner as she has in the past. 

Hopefully another show will snap Becky up post haste.... reunion with Rick Hearst on B&B anyone???
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