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I was all set to write a post bemoaning my crappy day (seriously, I sent one of the subbies down to my lead foreman to get an access request done, with the only justification being "I could do it, but I don't want to.") and then I got home and heard this:

Michaela Harte, the 27 year old daughter if Tyrone manager Mickey Harte, was found dead this morning while on honeymoon in Mauritius. She'd only gotten married on 30th December.

This is only the latest tragedy for the Tyrone GAA family - in 1997, a young player called Paul McGirr collapsed and died during a match. In 2004, Cormac McAnallen died from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, only 6 months after captaining Tyrone to their first ever All Ireland win. And in 2008, the father of their goalkeeper passed away on the morning of the All Ireland final.

It's just so horribly sad.

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