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Back to normality....

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Years - I'm telling you, have never known a Christmas break to go as quick as this one did!

Had a quiet enough Christmas - there wasn't a lot on tv, aside from the darts and the new Upstairs Downstairs, which I loved. And also the Strictly Christmas Special, which can be summed up thusly: Matt Cutler, back where he belongs, jiving to Step into Christmas. Thank you Santa!!!

Today was the first day back at work, and it was a struggle. The office was freezing, as the heat had been off for the best part of two weeks - I didn't take my coat off until 10.45 (at one point I was typing wearing my gloves, which is quite tricky!) and I had to borrow a second heater and keep it in the office fir 2 hours before it got anyway warm.

While that was bad, there was worse..... Let me just say if I find out who turned off the fridge, without checking to see whether there was any milk inside first, I may actually have to kill them.

And that's all we'll say on that *shudder* *tries not to vomit*

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