smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Snow, snow go away....extended disco remix!

So, it's snowing. AGAIN.

Started yesterday evening on the way home from work - it was grand til we were halfway down the M50, and then all of a sudden it was belting down. Crawled the rest of the way home - I'd usually get in the door at 4.45, 4.50, but last night it was past 6 by the time I got home.

Woke up this morning, peeked out the front door and saw that it hadn't miraculously thawed out overnight; in fact it had gotten worse, so I did what anny sensible person would do. Went back to bed and waited til 7.30 to ring my boss and say "I have about 4 inches of snow outside my front door. I am not going to be in today."

My poor dad is, as I type, battling his way home - he was staying in town last night as he was going to a work dinner, and when Mum spoke to him he was packing up his office (in case he doesn't get in tomorrow!) and waiting for the two appentices to finish digging his car out of tthe snow so that he could actually drive it home!!

On the good side, at least I got all my Christmas shopping finished at the weekend - just have to wrap it all now! (So that if anyone actually manages to visit, I have the pressies ready!!)
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