smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Have just read the blurb on spooky_doings for episode 908 of Spooks. No spoilers here obviously, but it sounds like an AWESOME ending to an awesome season (even if I have had 2 eps in a row where I'm telling the tv "show, if you kill off Hot!Dimitri, we are DONE!")

Disappointingly however, I shall be on the other side of the world (Perth, Australia) when 908 airs.

On one hand, I'm like YAY! AUSTRALIA!!!

On the other hand, I'm like NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! SPOOKS!!!!!!!

It appears I shall be setting my DVD recorder and avoiding spoilers like the plague til I get back on 28th November - wonder if that can actually be done???
Tags: spooks
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