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Strictly Come Dancing Week 1

I was so excited for this, and my show did not disappoint!!! Thoughts are behind the cut (to spare those who either don't watch or haven't seen it yet!!)
Firstly, Brucie is getting major mileage out of the "I'm not doddery" sthick, which is going to get very old, very fast....

I did like Camilla and Tom - thought he danced it very well (usually the ones opening the show are not great), hip movement was good, nice footwork. But please tell me I wasn't the only one who agreed with Craig when he said the word "smug"?? (Though it could just be because tonight, Tom Chambers reminded me (lookswise) of an Irish tenor named Paul Byrom, who truly is smug (if he was a bar of chocolate he'd eat himself!) But I did like them, and I think they'll go far.

Phil and Flavia - good dog he was awful. The posture was appalling, and that was literally all I could see for the whole dance. Seriously, I can see him being bottom 2.

Don and Lilia.... I adore Lilia, we all know this. I thought the routine was fun, and Don did the best that he could with it. And Lilia looked much for comfy with him than she ever did with that horrible little man last year! And how adorable was the cut to Darren backstage as they finished???

Mark and Hayley - tell me helsinkibaby and I were not the only people who looked at their VT and screamed "SHOWMANCE!!!!!" Again, I found myself agreeing with Craig that it was dull - and given that they're in the middle of the pack, that could trouble them.

Austin and Erin were the highlight of the night for me - that waltz was just gorgeous!! There is nothing else to say on that (apart from the fact that good googly moogly Erin looks AMAZING!!!!)

I was glad that John Sargeant got to waltz as well, Latin would have been humiliating for him! But that was a lovely, endearing performance, and I think he's safe. (Tune in tomorrow night as he hits bottom 2!)

Gary and Karen. Oh my god. And let me say that again. OH MY GOD. The energy was there, no denying that. But if you're going to dance to hippy hippy shake, you should be able to hippy hippy shake, you know??? That was just so dreadfully bad - the question is can Karen go out first 2 years in a row??

Last but not least, Andrew and Ola. See my earlier comment on Gary - OH MY GOD. Definitely not as good as the judges said they were, but like Bruno said, compared to Fiona and Kate he was Fred Astaire!! Am very sursprised that none of the judges saw (or mentioned) the fact her foot came off the floor when it shouldn't have so technically, that was a lift!!

Girls dance was good, but not as good as last year! Really liked Cherie's attitude, I think I might like her and James (order the valium now please) Gillian looked like she forgot all her steps (poor, poor Anton) and Jessie just looked plain terrified!! I laughed when Arlene mentioned Christine taking every opportunity to put her hands on Matthew - wouldn't you??? (Just me? Okay then....)

So who should go??? Worst dancer was probably Gary, but if it was Phil and Flavia I could live with it. Anyone else and I would not be a happy bunny!!!

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