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Its that time of year again....

Read earlier on this morning that the original BH90210 premiered 20 years ago today. Good grief, that makes me feel old.

So I'm thinking on shiny happy things, such as last Thursday's ep of Law&Order UK, which had great acting from Jamie Bamber and an absolutely adorable Matt/Alesha scene (points at icon) that had me squeeing - considering I was tucked up in bed with a cold, feeling utterly rotten, this was some accomplishment!!

And of course, last weekend was the start of the new season of Strictly Come Dancing! And considering I was lukewarm at the thoughts of this series, I really really enjoyed it!! Thoughts are behind the cut (for it is looooonng....)

Felicity & Vincent – I was actually disappointed with this, I thought she’d be much better. It had to be the slowest cha-cha I’ve ever seen, and there was very little in the way of hip action. I think it’s going to be a case of Latin possibly not being her thing, that she’ll be much better when she’s in hold in the ballroom dances. And on a purely shallow note, she looked FABULOUS – her legs are amazing!
Scott & Natalie – holy moly, this was indeed a raunchy waltz!! But I thought he danced it very well and the choreography was fabulous! From the intro package, Scott seems to actually have a personality (something I’ve never gotten from his characters in The Bill or Eastenders) so I’m going to enjoy watching him – conversely, Natalie telling the world that she wants to win the glitterball in the week 1 package reminded me why I didn’t like her last season….
Goldie & Kristina – I enjoyed this (though I enjoyed this routine much better when Maks & Erin danced a very similar version in DWTS a couple of months ago!) OK, it wasn’t technically great, but it was fun and had energy and was entertaining. I don’t like Kristina much, but I think he might have some potential if she can just bring it out.

Patsy & Robin – She was very, very nervous; but I agree with the judges that she has potential. Like her partnership with Robin as well, he seems like a really sound guy. However, I’m worried about how Patsy’s nerves will hold up to the salsa next week….
Matt & Aliona – WOW. He can fairly move, can’t he?! There was actual hip action in this cha-cha!! As you can tell by the exclamation marks, I loved this. Matt is definitely one to watch; my main worry with him is that Aliona’s choreography may not be up to the job of getting him to the final. She could definitely have done without the gimmicks at the start of the routine. (And on a wardrobe note, that waistcoat was VILE).
Pamela & James – Just absolutely breathtaking, and probably my favourite performance of the night. The choreography was just gorgeous – a simple, elegant, traditional waltz. And I loved their partnership; the banter backstage (Pamela, on seeing her marks: “I’m speechless!” James: “That makes a change!”) had me howling. I just really want them to stick around long enough to have Billy Connolly as a guest on It Takes Two, because him and Claudia together will be tv gold!
 Paul & Ola - say it with me now people, Poor Ola. Poor, poor Ola. This is her punishment for winning last year. She was working it, but it’s obvious to everyone that Paul is not long for this competition. Then again, who knows what’ll happen once she gets him in ballroom hold? (Oops, just remembered they’re dancing the foxtrot. Ah well….)
Jimi & Flavia – Not bad for a first dance, lots of energy. Has potential to do well, and seems like a nice chap (much though I don’t like Flavia, she deserves this after having to put up with Craig Kelly last year!)

Peter & Erin – Not a bad dance, though his posture was just awful. I think he’s going to be a good at ballroom awful at Latin guy though, I can’t see him coping well with the salsa this weekend.

Michelle & Brendan – like everyone else, I was really disappointed with this dance. Michelle just looked so gangly and awkward, and she didn’t seem to have any grasp of the technique required for the cha-cha. Hopefully she’ll improve as the weeks go on – the Beeb won’t want to lose their (arguably) biggest name.

Gavin & Katya - These two really surprised me, in a good way! From someone who looked so completely petrified and “Oh my God why am I here what the hell was I thinking when I agreed to do this?” on the launch show, Gavin delivered a really good and credible waltz. Katya can obviously work miracles!! Though as with a lot of the others, I worry for their salsa.

Tina & Jared – I think she looked better in rehearsal than she did on the floor – possibly the nerves got to her? But it was a bit too cutesy and too stop-start for me; not overly impressed with Jared’s choreography (and they look like they’re 12!!!) And as for Len giving this a 7? 

 Ann & Anton – This was a nice waltz, and nowhere near as bad I thought it’d be. (Aside from the one bit they kept showing in the recap VT’s!) Gotta say I love the attitude that Ann is taking to the whole thing! She knows she hasn’t got a hope of winning, so she’s just going to learn the dances and enjoy the whole thing. And I love that! Also impressed with the way Anton is handling the whole thing – he’s definitely being punished for all the crap that went on last year, but he’s putting on a smile and playing the game. And also, his face when Ann told Craig, “If you think thats bad, you should see the salsa!” was brilliant!
Kara & Artem – this was a good routine, it was a shame her foot got caught (will the wardrobe dept ever learn?!) but she recovered really well.  That being said, I thought her marks were a tad on the high side - 30 for a routine where she stumbled, when Matt & Aliona got 31 for their cha-cha, and I don’t think Kara’s was just 1 point lower than that) But she has bags of potential, so I’m interested to see what her ballroom is like. (And on a shallow note, Artem is HOT!)

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