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SCD8 - The Launch Show!

Have to say I had my doubts, but this was a FANTASTIC way to launch the new series!!

Am beyond delighted that Brendan got Michelle Williams - I loved the way she came across, I think she's going to be a hoot and will work really hard!

Also delighted that James got Pamela Stephenson - I think they'll be good together; once she puts in the work James'll be happy. And I'm hoping that at some point, It Takes Two will book Billy Connolly, because the thought of Billy Connolly bring interviewed by Claudia makes me giddy!!

Poor Ola on the other hand, I can't see Paul Daniels being much cop! (Ditto Peter Shilton for Erin!)

Am looking forward to seeing Artem & Kara - I remember watching him on the US So You Think You Can Dance, and he's really good. And while I hated Dawn Swann with the fire of a thousand suns, I loved her as Gina Moliano in Dream Team, so I hope she does well!

Vincent & Flavia should both be in for good seasons - Felicity and Jimi both have potential, and look like they're up for a laugh, which is just as important!

Anton.... The Beeb just hate him, don't they? Though he should stick around for a few weeks because this will be comedy gold!

Scott and Natalie could be good - I liked her in the tour way more than I expected to, as I really didn't like her last year. It'll be interesting to see if he has more personality in this than he had in either The Bill or Eastenders (the word wooden comes to mind!)

Gavin looks terrified, so I think poor Katya's going to have her work cut out for her. Matt apparently has a background in gymnastics, so he's picked up a bit of a ringer tag on Twitter - but it all depends on the choreography Aliona gives him, and she was no great shakes last year!!

Robin looked fairly happy to get Patsy, so i'm interested to see how they fare out. Goldie & Kristina.... I'm sorry, but I can't invest in them because I cannot abide Kristina. It was obvious Tina was going to get Jared - and of the 3 new lads, I thought he was the weakest (certainly in their groups dance anyway)

Speaking of group dances, I was not impressed with the pro dance troupe - Darren and Ian danced circles round the others, and seeing Darren dance without Lilia is just WRONG!!

Am very looking forward to October 1st....

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