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DWTS season 11 cast

 So, the Dancing with the Stars season 11 cast announcement was made overnight:

Brandy, singer
Jennifer Grey, actress
Margaret Cho, comedienne
Audrina Patridge, reality star
Florence Henderson, actress
Bristol Palin ?

Michael Bolton, singer
The Situation, reality star
David Hasselhoff, actor
Kurt Warner, NFL star
Kyle Massey, actor/rapper
Rick Fox, NBA star

Apparently, the rumour mill has it that Derek Hough is being partnered with Jennifer Grey. (Excuse me for a moment while I chase my eyeballs round the office, as they have just rolled RIGHT OUT OF MY HEAD.) Of course the golden boy is being given Baby!! He is well overdue a duffer, and sadly I don't think she's going to be it. 

Cannot wait to see who partners The Hoff. 

Florence Henderson has got to be the reason they're bringing back Corky Ballas. 

Have also heard a rumour that Edyta may not be returning - apparently she's annoyed with how the show has treated her, and especially that they don't appreciate her husband Alec (Mazo, season 1 champ). If it's true, I don't blame her one bit; she has a valid point.

Lastly, in what universe is Bristol Palin a star? I mean, seriously????
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