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No more Nate Dogg....

 Sad Emmerdale news broke yesterday: from Lyndon Ogbourne's (Nathan Wylde) Twitter:

Tweople young and old, Thankyou for all your immense support and love, I hope it may continue long into my future career…’ll be out in the papers today…but I wanted you all to know first. Emmerdale has been such an incredible experience for me, and the final Act of the Wyldes drama will be so gripping! I’ve had great fun and have learnt so much from creating one of the most loved to be hated Emmerdale characters! But my ambition and excitement for future projects has led me to feel this is the right time to step away from the show, but I know this won’t be the last you’ve seen of the devilish Nathan Wylde! Xx …
It's sad, but given that Alice and Amanda have already confirmed they're going, not altogether surprising. Nathan is way too villainous to integrate into the village without those two - though what this means for Will is anyones guess!!! Producers have said they're not killing Nathan off, so he could return in  the future (sadly for me though, I'm becoming resigned to the fact that they're probably going to kill Maisie off, much as I would like her to just take Will and leave the village, I can't see it happening....)
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