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Strictly Line Up Revealed

So, this is the post I intended to make earlier…


BBC announced the celebs and pairings for Strictly Come Dancing today – details behind the cut (for it is LONG):

After months of speculation, the BBC is delighted to announce that taking part in Strictly Come Dancing this year are:


For the women –


Christine Bleakley (TV presenter, The One Show)

Dancing with: Matthew Cutler


Jodie Kidd (model)

Dancing with: Ian Waite


Cherie Lunghi (actress)

Dancing with: James Jordan


Heather Small (singer)

Dancing with: Brian Fortuna (new pro)


Lisa Snowdon (TV presenter, model)

Dancing with: Brendan Cole


Rachel Stevens (singer)

Dancing with: Vincent Simone


Gillian Taylforth (actress)

Dancing with: Anton DuBeke


Jessie Wallace (actress)

Dancing with: Darren Bennett


For the men –


Andrew Castle (tennis player turned TV presenter)

Dancing with: Ola Jordan


Tom Chambers (actor)

Dancing with: Camilla Dallerup


Phil Daniels (actor)

Dancing with: Flavia Cacace


Mark Foster (Olympic swimmer)

Dancing with: Hayley Holt (new professional)


Austin Healey (rugby player)

Dancing with: Erin Boag


Gary Rhodes (chef)

Dancing with: Karen Hardy


John Sergeant (political broadcaster and journalist)

Dancing with: Kristina Rihanoff (new professional)


Don Warrington (actor)

Dancing with: Lilia Kopylova


With 16 pairing, there has (predictably) been a change in the format:


  • In week one, one male dancer will exit after performing either a waltz or a cha cha cha, whilst the girls strut their stuff in a group dance.


  • In week two, one female dancer will exit after performing a salsa or foxtrot, whilst the men perform a group number.


  • In week three, another male dancer will exit and the female dancers will perform another group number.


  • In week four, another female dancer will go and the male dancers will perform another group number.


From week five onwards, all couples compete together in a bid to impress the judges and the audience at home to stay out of the bottom two places on the leaderboard.


Those two couples will have to face the dreaded dance off and, as last year, the judges will decide whose dancing days are over.


In the event of a tie, head judge Len Goodman will have the casting vote.



My thoughts (or as many as I can come up with at the moment):


I think it has the potential to be an interesting series. Some pairings are predictable – Camilla gets Tom Chambers (arguably the “heart-throb” of the series), Brendan gets Lisa Snowdon and Anton gets Gillian Taylforth! Meanwhile, Darren is on his 3rd Eastenders actress – though he’ll be delighted with that, as he said of Leticia last year, the Eastenders people are used to hard work!!


Of the new pros, I think Kristina got dealt the worst hand; can’t see John Sergeant being much of a dancer! Though she is supposed to be brilliant, so who knows?


Train of thought as been derailed as I’ve just seen the new photos on the website – James Jordan has grown out his hair and it is not good! In fact it is very very bad! Dreadful photo! On the other hand, looks like Matthew got a haircut – thank the lord for that!


Has to be said though - I HATE the whole “Len has the deciding vote” thing – essentially he gets to vote twice if it ties (not that it ever does!). Surely the fairest thing, in the event of a tie, is to have it go down to the result of the public vote???

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