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Yesterday was a good day - spent the afternoon in Croke Park (Gaelic football stadium in Dublin) watching my team, Meath, beat their arch rivals Dublin by 5-9 to 0-13.

For those of you unfamiliar with the conventions of Gaelic football scoring (which, let's be honest, is everyone except helsinkibaby!) the 1st number refers to goals scored, the second to points scored. 1 goal = 3 points. So Meath scored 5 goals and 9 points, giving them a tally of 24 points to Dublins 13 points. Which means we beat them by 11 points.


Over 24 hrs later and I still can't believe it was actually real! Meath haven't beaten Dublin since 2001, and we were honestly expecting there to only be a point or two in it; so that result is nothing short of amazing.

Next game is on July 11th against Louth, it's the Leinster Final so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a win there!!

In other news, Daytime Emmys were on last night. Crystal Chappell lost out in the Best Actress category to ATWT's Maura West. Am bitterly disappointed - Maura is brilliant, but I really wanted Crystal to win this one.

Also disappointed that AJ Cook is out at Criminal Minds - she's coming back for 2 eps to wrap up JJ's story, but that's it. Paget is back, but mentioned on Twitter that this would be her last season with the show.

In amusing/cool news, James Jordan has joined Twitter!! His username is @strictlyjordan, and his competitive nature I'd coming to the fore - he has said that if he gets more followers than Ola (@strictlyola) he'll wear a catsuit on the next series of Strictly!! Now, I hate to tell people to follow anyone they don't want to, but this would be utterly hysterical.....

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