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Quick drive by SCD update...

As we know, Brian has told the Beeb he will not be returning.

According to online news reports, Ian has said he would consider being part of the dance group; Matthew's rep declined to comment.

And I have just seen on Twitter that the Bennetts are also out; that was the word on GMTV this morning.

Again, am annoyed - mostly because it's a shitty thing to do to 5 professionals who have worked with your show for years, but mostly because I really think the Beeb made them this offer expecting that they would be (quite rightly) annoyed and turn it down. That way the Beeb can get their hot new dancers and still be able to say "well, we offered them a place in the show and they turned it down, it was their choice."

And also, it's got to be horrible for all the other dancers as well, they've all been on the show for so long and are all good friends. Epic fail all over.

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