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Some very cool Emmerdale casting news which broke over the weekend: Pauline Quirke is joining Emmerdale as Jacksons mother

Part of me is delighted at this, as it means Jackson is sticking around. Also, it's Pauline Quirke, who is just fabulous. On the other hand, Emmerdale already has a lot of characters who are underused and badly in need of a storyline (Nikhil, Jai, Faye, Ryan....)

Also, between the finals of Britains Got Talent and the looming world Cup, the show is being shunted round a bit - for my own information, and also for jyl22075 , here are the scheduled airing for this week and next:

This week:
Mon - no ep
Tues - 7pm (30 mins)
Weds - 7pm (30 mins)
Thurs - 7pm (30 mins), no 8pm ep
Fri - 7pm (30 mins)

Next week (w/c Monday June 7th)
Mon - 7pm (30 mins)
Tues - 7pm (1 hr)
Weds - 7pm (30 mins)
Thurs - 7pm (30 mins) & 8pm (30 mins)
Fri - 7pm (30 mins)

World Cup starts on Friday 11th, which means we'll need a map and compass to find our shows....

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