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Had a pretty horrible day in the office today -more layoffs, including two guys who have worked with the company for as long as I've been there. It's tough saying goodbye to people like that who are long-termers (for want of a better word) - we've all worked together on that site for so long, it's almost like a family. Only consolation that can be taken is that if you've made it this far, the company really wants to keep you, they just can't because there's no work there.

Which royally sucks, but that's the game we're in.

But then I came home and got to play with my adorable little niece, which makes everything better. (Thanks helsinkibaby!)

Also busted out the laptop and watched some Glee musical numbers, including "Dream On" several times (hence the icon!)

And of course, watched the double ep of Emmerdale, in which Danny Miller continues to shine as Aaron. Also loved the Nikhil & Maisie stuff tonight - they are so cute together! Though if I were in charge, I would have shelved some of the Bob/Viv and Charlie/Diane stuff so we could actually see them on their date!!

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