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More freestyle gushing

 Found a HD link to the dance on YouTube - holy mary mother of God, it is eeven hotter when I watch it on my shiny pretty laptop and not in squinty vision on my beloved iPhone.

More than any other freestyle I've seen on DWTS (and possibly SCD) this one had the WOW factor. So much so that I'm breaking the habit of a lifetime and downloading the whole ep just so I can see it on full screen (and screencap and make icons!!)

I think it was a smart choice to do this kind of routine - they were solidly in third place anyways, so they really had nothing to lose and everything to gain by switching it up and doing something different.

But the best bit was Maks reaction to Carrie-Ann saying that there was a stumble - "That wasn't the bed we rehearsed on" should just go down in infamy! The reactions to that were brilliant - I really want an icon of Tom saying "OVERSHARE!!" (with arms over his head in an O!)

So between that, Maks saying that this dance was really about the story of Erin and himself - was that confirming the showmance rumours I wonder??

Seriously cannot wait until tomorrow morning to find out who wins this thing - I would love it to be Erin & Maks, especially after this. But if not them, then Evan & Anna. After my last post, you all know what I think of Nicole & Derek.....
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