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DWTS - Finale

DWTS finale aired last night in the States - the link below is the only dance I've seen: I watched it this morning, on my iPhone, sitting in my car outside work.

People, I flailed so hard some of the lads walking into the site thought I was having some kind of seizure.

To recap (in bullet points so I don't lose the run of myself altogether!!)
  • it's Maks and Erins freestyle
  • Contemporary number
  • Maks brought in Mandy Moore to help him choreograph (not the singer!)
  • They dance to "Alone" by Heart
  • There is a couch. And a bed. And it is SMOKING HOT!!!!
Please, go and watch, for it is AMAZING

And now, for the less nice part: Julianne Hough (two time winner and sister of Derek) posted the following tweets this morning:

PLEASE vote for Derek and Nicole!!!! Please please please!!! 18008683408 They were the only ones who did their own choreography!!  and That was catty of me... Everyone did an amazing job! I'm just a little biase to some people, Especially on the creative choreography side!

Catty is one word, mean-spirited is another. I'm (rightly or wrongly) taking that as a dig at Maks, who she beat out in two finals. Personally, I don't like Derek, but I recognise that he's a great choreographer (frankly, he's one of the best that DWTS has). And I can understand Julianne supporting her brother. But she can do that without taking digs at the other two pros in the final. Maks got Mandy Moore to help him with contemporary, because he's been trained in ballroom his whole life. From what I can see, it looks like Anna & Evan did a jive based freestyle to Footloose, so I'd imagine ballroom specialist Anna did the same as Maks - got help from an expert to come up with the best dance they could, and I see nothing wrong in that.

But of course, it's Derek (the golden boy, Boy Wonder) we're talking about, so normal rules of logic and common sense don't apply.

And now I'm being catty. What is this show doing to me?!?!

And while we're on the subject, apparently the Beeb want Nicole to do the next series of Strictly. Now, do I seriously need to point out the ways in which THIS SHOULD NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN?? She's already done the show in the US (she may even win it) which would be the dictionary definition of unfair advantage. As it is, she's already taking major flack for her dance and performance experience (which, btw, I agree with - she's a Pussycat Doll, she dances for a living, and there's no way ABC should have booked her for this show. She's a ringer, and no amount of "I've never been trained in ballroom dancing and this is so hard for me" tears and histrionics will convince me otherwise.)

Wow, I didn't realise that was going to get me so irate!!



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