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DWTS, week 9

Have just finished watching the DWTS which aired in the States earlier on this week - all I can say is that the right 3 couples made it to the final! My favoutite is still Erin & Maks, though I will be happy with an Evan & Anna win (that paso was freaking AMAZING!!!).

Basically, once its not Derek and Nicole, I will be happy. That whole "neck injury" footage was contrived as all get out; if he was really injured to the extent he claimed he was, would he be able to fall to the floor or bounce around so exuberantly? I don't think so (and as someone who severely - and for no apparent reason - wrenched her neck a couple of years ago to the point I could hardly move my head, I think I know what I'm on about!)

In other DWTS thoughts, Sarah McLachlan is still FABULOUS (though do you think she ever gets fed up singing Angel?). Miley Cyrus, OTOH, was a hot mess. Could she have looked any less enthused to be there?
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