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Sea Patrol 4.02

A little bit late posting this....

First thing I have to talk about – Kate & Mike.


I’ve been saying they needed to move forward badly with these too, and holy moly did they ever!! I thought the first kiss seemed a little bit awkward, but the rest of it was hot! And I love the fact he’s back on board the Hammersley now (didn’t think I would) – it brings a whole extra dimension to the show.

On that note, I loved Kate’s reaction when she realised Mike was the temp CO – oh no, here we go again kind of thing!

Really loved 2Dads in this ep (blimey, a year ago I never thought I’d be typing that!) I thought he really showed a lot of growth in this ep – ok, you knew he was going to wind up back in the bar, but he was willing to keep his mouth shut for the CO, which I don’t think he would have done last year.

Speaking of the CO – what an ass he turned out to be! I felt so sorry for 2Dads in the mess when he was telling the truth and no-one believed him. Well, except for RO – that’s turning into a nice Odd Couple friendship!

Also loved the RO / Bomber scenes, definitely think RO has a bit of a crush! I can understand why all the guys are falling over themselves to be nice to / protect Bird – only 18, first tour, etc etc – though they were laying it on a bit thick.
Still have no idea what Dutchy's problem is with Kate.

Promo for next week looked really really good – can’t wait to get some Mike / Maxine backstory, my love for Tammy knows no bounds! Plus Jealous!Kate as a bonus.
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