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Oh dear God, NO!!!!

I am just a posting fool today.....

There is no enough NO in the world for this one.....

Derek Hough 'to join Strictly this year'  Link to article on DS

Dancing With The Stars professional Derek Hough will join Strictly Come Dancing in the autumn, a report has claimed.

The 24-year-old is keen to work in the UK because doing so would allow him to spend more time with Cheryl Cole, according to The Sun.

A source told the newspaper: "He has been asked to join Strictly and he's incredibly keen to do so. It means missing the next season of the US show but it would give him more time with Cheryl."

Hough has been repeatedly linked to Cole in recent months following her split from husband Ashley. His rumoured position on Strictly would see the pair on rival shows because Cheryl is widely expected to be back on The X Factor's judging panel this year.

The insider added: "Derek thinks it will be fun to take Cheryl on. She's won with The X Factor two years running, now he wants to win."

Hough was first tipped to appear on Strictly last December.

I'm hoping this one turns out to be a makey-uppy job, while he's a great dancer I don't especially like him on the show (could have something to do with the fact that he only gets beautiful, model-type partners who can dance and is absolutely overdue a duffer!).

Though if they were to land Maks, I would be dead of squee!!!
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