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Free Tony!!!

While reading the EW article on the Hoff, I saw this headline; which may be one of the best headlines I've ever read:

'Dancing With the Stars': Tony says 'catatonic' Kate Gosselin displays 'zero energy, no motivation. I have to push her every week, it's exhausting'

Seriously? Tony's actually getting to speak his mind about how he really feels, rather than towing the party line? (Though last weeks, "Wow, Kate Gosselin speechless! This is awesome!" plus Anna T's reaction to same was the highlight of the show for me!)

Between this and Maks mentioning several "hang on in there" phone calls to Tony on Chelsea Handlers show, I'm hoping that Kate will go tonight.....
(and come back tomorrow morning to see me weep and wail as my hopes are dashed!!)

Article link for the interested:


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