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The Hoff goes back to Genoa City!!!

David Hasselhoff is returning to Y&R as Dr William "Snapper" Foster for a brief run later on in the year.

Part of me really wants to watch this, to see (a) if, as the Hoff says, he can remember his lines and (b) to see Jess Walton act circles around him!! But then I remember the travesty that was Thom Bierdzs return, and I wonder if I can actually subject myself to that... has learned that David Hasselhoff will briefly reprise his role as Dr. William “Snapper” Foster, Jr. on The Young and the Restless. He’ll return to the show’s Los Angeles set in May for an arc that will start airing in mid-June. The Baywatch star got his start in TV by starring on the popular sudser from 1975 to 1982.

“In 1976, Bill Bell, creator of America’s No. 1 soap opera, took a chance on a young and very green actor,” Hasselhoff said in a statement given exclusively to “Playing Snapper in 850 shows during the six years I appeared molded my craft, my attitude and my work ethic. Being asked to come back to appear in several episodes gives me a chance to say thanks, as I have an amazing amount of respect and heartfelt emotion for Bill, his family and my time on Young and the Restless. I just hope I can remember all those lines.”

It seems likely that Hasselhoff will address his return to Restless in his upcoming reality show for A&E, but CBS could not confirm.

Hasselhoff won’t be the only Foster family member to stage a surprise homecoming: Veteran TV actor Wings Hauser will also reprise his role as Snapper’s brother Greg, and Julianna McCarthy will pick up where she left off in 2008 as matriarch Liz Foster Brooks. She is the mother of Jill Foster Abbott, who is currently played by the Emmy-winning Jess Walton (who didn’t start playing the character until 1987 so there will be no vintage shots of the Foster family). While in Genoa City, Hasselhoff’s Snapper married Chris Brooks and had an affair with Sally McGuire, who bore his son Chuckie.  On the wedding day of Snapper’s mother and Chris’s father, they presented the couple with new granddaughter Jennifer Elizabeth Foster. Snapper supposedly left Wisconsin in 1982 to accept a three-month fellowship in London to teach; he ended up staying there.        

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