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Sea Patrol 4.01

Last night was the short version, here's the long one (memory was helped by random jumble of words and phrases jotted on a post-it note last night....)

Loved Commander Maxine "Knocker" White. I'm a big Tammy MacIntosh fan, so its a bit obvious that she was always going to be my favourite of the new cast. I loved the way Maxine and Mike bounced off each other, and I totally bought that she and Mike were good buddies from AFTA. (If anything - and I don't think I need an if here anymore) happens between Mike and Kate, I can't wait to see her reaction; I think it shall be made of awesome)

Liked Bird - loved her interaction with Kate during the bridge scenes, and the "I know all about the no snogging your shipmates rule, but there's nothing to say you can't check them out" was hilarious. It's obvious she's got the makings of a really good crewmate - I was dreading her being the new Spider / 2Dads (ie character who does really dumb things for comic relief) but I don't think she's going to be (and now I've said that, watch me be proved wrong!)

Not so sure about Dutchy - which I think is the point. WTF is his problem with Kate? The scene on the bridge, where he hesitated before shaking her hand, was just plain rude - and it spoke to a personal problem with Kate, rather than a more general issue with women in the Navy (he got on fine with Bomber and Bird, it could be that he has a problem with a woman as a senior officer, but it definitely read more like he has a personal beef with Kate). I thought CC played the part well, he was very convincing in the role, especially when he was interrogating the bad guys. I'm intrigued to see where they go with this one....

Just one thing - please writers, never be referring to him as "our new buffer" again. OK, I know it descibes a persons role on the ship (Chief Petty Officer Bosun) but for me, there is only one Buffer, and that's Pete Tomaszewski.

RO should not drink. Ever. But Swain and Charge telling him to stay away from golf buggies and transsexuals made me laugh out loud (mainly becuase its what I was thinking!) Kristian Schmid is such a great actor - playing drunk is hard, mainly becuase it's easy to go totally OTT, but he made it look totally natural and real. Plus which he usually has the straight man role - being uptight when everyone else is cutting loose. Also loved the scene where Mike was pretty much dismissing him and he's all "Sir, I really think you need to read that piece of paper" and walked away after basically saying "I told you so".

Mike finally took the promotion!! Which means himself and Kate shall soon be boarding the HMAS Doing It (if they're not there already - Ian & Lisa really played up the subtext in some of those scenes!) And I'm glad he has, becuase (as Kate pointed out in the promo), it means he can't hide behind the regs anymore, and I wanted some forward motion in theor story. You can only drag out the UST for so long before people lose interest in it, and then when they get together it falls kinda flat (Josh & Donna from The West Wing, totally looking at you here!)

Steve Bastoni as the new CO! It's a Police Rescue reunion! If they could only get Gary Sweet and Sonia Todd on in some capacity, I think my head would explode from the sheer awesomeness of it all!

Am I the only one who picked up a vibe between Swaino and Bomber? Thought I saw it last year, but I'm not sure if thats me projecting what I would like to see, or if Kirsty and Matt are adding in a bit of spark to see what happens.

Promo for next week looks good - 2Dads having problems with the new CO was pretty much a given (this is 2Dads we're talking about after all!) and it looks like Mike and Kate fans are finally going to get that kiss!!

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