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Sea Patrol 4.01 - short reaction post!

Wound up only starting to watch this at 10pm, curled up in bed with my computer on my knees. It's now 11pm, and I have to be up at 5.30 am, so this is a short reaction post until I can do a long, squee-filled reaction post in the morning - aren't you all looking forward to that? (Don't worry, it shall be behind a cut tag!)

So the high points:
  • Of all the new characters, I love Commander Maxine "Knocker" White the most!! Tammy was just brilliant, and I loved the way her and Mike bounced off each other. Totally bought that they were good buddies from AFTA. 
  • Mike took the promotion!! Which means he and Kate shall shortly be on the HMAS Doing It (and I'm not convinced they haven't boarded already!)
  • Steve Bastoni is the new CO!! Dude, with him and Tammy it's a Police Rescue reunion!! (If they can get Gary Sweet or Sonia Todd on in some capacity, my head shall explode!!)

There is more, but as said above, I have an early start in the morning :-(

Longer post to come then.....
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