smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Spoiler dead ahead......

So, Ausiello just tweeted a major Private Practice spoiler....

I’m nothing if not a man of my word: I promised you that today I’d tweet which show features what I’m 100 percent certain may be one of the most shocking deaths in any of this season’s finales, and guess what? Just moments ago, I did just that. In case you missed it, keep reading…

The original cast member whose character is getting whacked is on… Private Practice!

The Grim Reaper will pay a most unwelcome visit to the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff in the May 13 episode. I say most unwelcome as opposed to, you know, just generally unwelcome, because the person whose alter ego is being killed off is someone that I — and most of you, my mailbag says — have been a fan of for years

I don't think for one second it's going to be Addie who dies, but I swear to God if it's Taye Diggs Sam I will be completely and utterly pissed. I've been shipping them since the backdoor pilot, and this season I've been holding out hope (mostly tortured and vain hope, but hope nonetheless) that they'd get together.  

Anyone got any ideas who it could be???
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