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Six months on....

I didn't realise til I saw it on another blog, but it's exactly six months today since Guiding Light aired its final episode.

And in another couple of weeks, it'll be a year since the cancellation was announced. (April 1st. Classy.)

Being honest, I still miss it; and it still annoys me that the plug was pulled just as they were on a creative upswing. As I said repeatedly at the time, it looked like it was beginning to turn around, but sadly it was too little too late.

At least we have plenty of clips on YouTube ... (though I cannot find ANY of the custody battle between Vanessa and Bridget for baby Peter - what is with that?! That storylibe kicked off not long after I started watching back when it was on Sky Soaps; that and Rick Hearst is what got me hooked on watching GL!)

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