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Numfar, do the dance of joy (Extended Disco Remix)

Some of you may know that I took 2 weeks holidays from work after the Infinity con - first day back was this Monday. I was hoping that YerMan would be gone by the time I got back, but this was not to be. (He was supposed to be working a months notice, or staying til they found someone else. As with everything else he did, it was very hard to get a definite answer out of him as to when he'd be going).

So I went back on Monday and was told that he was finishing this Friday (as in tomorrow) and that C, one of the other girls in the department, was taking over his role. Which is great, because you're not bringing in someone brand new and also she's actually competant!! And C, being the type of person she is, has been really nice all week, even going as far as to suggest we go out for a leaving meal after work some evening. It didn't come to pass (not that I would have gone, I would have been having a fitting for my bridesmaids dress whichever evening they picked!); eventually it was decided we'd go out for lunch tomorrow. 

Today, he was just a complete prick from the moment he came in. C was asking questions, being perfectly nice and reasonable, and all she was getting back was attitude. Snide, nasty, really confrontational tone. Aand we all noticed it - worst part is, because C is the one member of the team who hasn't had much to do with him on a day to day basis, she thought she'd done or said something to upset him! Myself and E spent half of lunch telling her no, it's not you, it's him!!

So, the point of the story my friends, is this. I left the office at 4, as usual. Battling my way down the carpark that is the M50 (supposedly a motorway, it has a severe identity crisis) my phone beeps with a text message. And because I'm stuck in hellish traffic, I flip it open and read the text. 

From E, it's telling me that YerMan is finishing at 5 today, and will not be in tomorrow. He is GONE people, he is gone!!!!!!  I will never have to look upon that smug, sneery, condescending face again!!!!

Dance Numfar, dance!!!!

And because today keeps on getting better and better, I come home and find a torrent online for the 24 season 7 trailer!! Not to say too much (don't want to spoil people) but I was a very happy girl!!! It made me want to watch it (and considering the clusterfuck that was season 6, that is a major feat!!!)

How's everyone else doing???
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