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Does this remind anyone of or is it just me?

Saw this on Twitter first thing - Link to ONTD -  Scott Clifton has been let go from OLTL, and his co-star Farah Fath has used her myspace to blast fans who criticise her performance: Farah Fath has her middle finger up to the posters on TWOP & SON most everyday. i give it my all in every show. please stop talking sh*t about me for one g*ddamn minute.

I lurk at the OLTL board on TWOP, and I don't think anyone there has been overly mean about her performance, it's mostly the writing that people seem to have a problem with. I've certainly never seen it said that she doesn't give it her all or tanks scenes/stories. (Unlike some actors....)  But man, actually criticising fans on her myspace seems to be asking for trouble (especially considering they've just killed off her sister and her kinda-boyfriend has just been canned....)

Re Scott Clifton, I think it's a mistake, as he's one of the better young actors in soaps right now. However, it looks like GH is trying to rebuild the Quartermaine clan, so I'm wondering if there are larger ABC politics in play there....
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