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Have spent the last few days dying (and I do not use that word lightly) with the nasty vomiting bug that's going around - left work last Wednesday feeling absolutely lousy, went to bed at 8.30 that evening - having not been able to eat dinner - and was up at 2.30 being violently ill. Was in bed all day Thursday, the majority of Friday and most of Saturday. It was Sunday before I managed to get out of my pajamas! Stayed off work today just to be sure I'm 100%, so I'll be back tomorrow. (Yippee.....)

In fandom news, I see that Marcy Rylan (ex-Lizzie on Guiding Light) is joining Y&R as the SORAS-ed Abby Carlton, daughter of Ashley and Brad. (Link) To be honest, I've got mixed feelings on this - on one hand, I'm delighted for Marcy. And the thought of her possibly sharing scenes with John Driscoll's Chance makes my GL loving heart skip a beat. And since they killed off all the Carltons last year, Abby's core family will be the Abbotts (oooh, scenes with Peter Bergman please!) All that being said, I think that at 29, Marcy might be a little bit too oldto play someone who's supposed to be in her early teens (even though she looks fab. This is why I hate SORASing!!)

Also, Eden Riegel is joining the cast as a recast Heather - sounds like someone at Y&R is listening to viewer opinion!

I'm sure there's more I wanted to say, but I can't think on it now (other than I'm still trying to get used to typing on this new laptop keyboard and its driving me crazy!!!)
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