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DWTS Season 10 - The Pairings!

Courtesy of East Coast US Tweets, pairings for DWTS 10 are behind the cut:

Kate Gosselin + Tony Dovolani
Buzz Aldrin + Ashley Costa (formerly Del Grosso)
Pamela Anderson + Damian Whitewood (new pro)
Evan Lycacek + Anna Trebunskaya
Shannen Doherty + Mark Ballas
Erin Andrews + Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Nicole Scherzinger + Derek Hough
Niecy Nash + Louis Van Amstel
Chad Ochocinco + Cheryl Burke
Aiden Turner + Edyta Sliwinska
Jake Pavelka + Chelsie Hightower

The TWOP guesses were spot on re. Shannen and Jake. Derek getting the hot girl was also eye-rollingly predictable. I can imagine Len and Bruno drooling over them now. It’s not a pretty image.
 Kate Gosselin and Tony…. That poor man. That poor, poor man.

The comment I keep seeing is that Cheryl should be able to keep Ochochino in line – I take it that means he has a Reputation?? (If anyone reading this knows anything about American Football, please feel free to enlighten me!!)

Anna T got Evan!! I am so stoked by this!! I love her, and god knows it’s high time she got a decent partner!! (And now I’ve said that, he’ll be terrible and they’ll be out in the first week!)

Am somewhat surprised that Pam Anderson was paired with the new pro, but I suppose it’s a way of ensuring he sticks around for a few weeks, given that he has no fanbase in the show and the other pros do. (Had to clarify that because I read it back and it sounded like I was saying he was a bad dancer, when I know nothing about the chap!)

OTOH, I feel kind of bad for Ashley. Have never seen her on the show (started watching in season 4), but I know she’s been dying to get back for ages. And they bring her back, and give her Buzz Aldrin. No offense to Buzz, but I cannot see an 80 year old man lasting very long on this show.  I know he’s an American legend and all, but still.
 Maks needs a good season. He’s tweeted that he’s excited to be working with Erin, so I have my fingers crossed.

Just reading TWOP, someone has just asked when Derek is going to get a bad partner, because it’s gotta be his turn. WORD to that!! 

Roll on March 22nd..... 

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