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DWTS Season 10 Cast

So, the new cast for Dancing with the Stars was announced overnight in the States - names and reaction are behind the cut tag!

(I warn in advance, I squeed. HARD)

 Apologies for the all caps, but this news literally blew my mind and made me SHRIEK with excitement. OK, he’s possibly the ringiest ringer who ever rang, but this is going to be AWESOME. No official word on who he’s paired with yet, but he is following Cheryl Burke on Twitter, so the smart money has got to be on her. 

 As for the other celebs:
 Kate Gosselin: Oh dear god, why???

Pamela Anderson: see above

Chad Ochocinco: I have no idea who he is, but apparently he’s this years football player

Aiden Turner: All My Children actor who was let go a few months ago. YAY!!!

Erin Andrews: ESPN anchor.

Shannen Doherty: BRENDA!!! Am dying to see what she’s really like!

Buzz Aldrin: Is it wrong that I want him to dance to “Walking on the Moon”??

Niecy Nash: from Reno 911. I don’t know her either

Nicole Scherzinger: from the Pussycat Dolls, and Louis Hamilton’s girlfriend
Jake Pavelka: This years Bachelor. And I don’t know him either.
 Hmm, an awful lot of “I don’t know him/her” there!
 Am looking forward to seeing Aiden Turner, who frankly got screwed over by ABC when he was let go from All My Children (though if that’s the criteria to get a former soap actor on the show, could they not have cast Greg Vaughan? I’m just sayin’…..) Still Aiden is hot and has a lovely English accent; it’ll be interesting to see what pro he gets. 

 Kate Gosselin makes me want to set my hair on fire – have seen very little of Jon & Kate Plus 8, but seriously, does she not have her hands full already?
 Shannen Doherty made me squee with joy. I would love to see her paired with Maks, just to see the sparks fly. Though everyone on TWOP seems to think she’s going to be paired with Mark Ballas. 

 On the subject of Maks, my one wish this season is that he gets a CONTENDER and sticks around for a good long while. He just tweeted that his partner is cool, and that the pressure is on him to do a good job.  The same for Louis – he’s been a real tease on twitter; he’s said that his DWTS experience this year will be anything but boring, and that Kelly Osborne loves his partner – Kelly herself tweeted that she’s “kind of obsessed with” his new partner. So who knows??
 Pairings are announced on todays GMA, so we should probably have those this evening – I cannot wait to find out who gets paired with who!

Confirmed pros so far are: Louis, Maks, Derek, Mark, Tony. Damien Whitehead (new pro) Cheryl, Edyta, Chelsie and Anna T. Which means there’s one female pro unaccounted for.

We know that Lacey, Karina, Dmitry and Kym are all out (really disappointed they didn’t bring Kym back – allegedly she asked for more money, and ABC played hardball and didn’t renew her contract. Which sucks, because she’s a great dancer and one of the best teachers they have.) 

Expect another post later on when we know the pairings!!    
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