smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

First post from my brand new laptop, and Holy Moly, I seriously love this machine! It's a Packard Bell, and the 4Gb of RAM means its so much faster than my Toshiba; I used to go upstairs, turn on the computer, go back downstairs, make tea, read the paper and when I went back up after half an hour, it would've just finished booting up! So the fact that this machine is almost instantaneous is just amazing to me!

Also installed Office 2007 - Holy Moly, Word 2007 is colourful, isn't it?

As anyone who follows my tweets has read, I also installed my new Sony Reader (Christmas pressie from Dad) this evening - it's charging away at the moment; I've also downloaded my 100 free e-books (classics) and downloaded some of Project Gutenberg (including "Anne of Green Gables" - helsinkibaby , aren't you proud?!) Am also perusing the Waterstones ebook store - my credit card is about to WEEP with pain and agony (OTOH, no postman ringing the doorbell with parcels of books, once I hide the VISA bill from Mam I'm okay...)

And have just done a currency conversion - currently 1 pound sterling equals €1.14, so an e- book that costs £5.72 is €6.56, which is much less than it would cost in a shop here.... DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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