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Surviving Survivor

Have just finished watching this, can't wait for the new series which starts airing in the States on Thursday (and shall be top of my download queue on Friday!)

Random thoughts:

+ Cirie looks amazing
+ I skipped through the Rupert segment (or lovefest, to call it was it was!)
+ Colby looks HOT. Still love him.
+ The Ethan & Jenna segment made me cry. Watching him go thru the stem cell treatment was tough, though he looked much better in the interviews. Fingers crossed...
+ After all these years, the Fairplay fingers still make my blood pressure spike. And I was still hoping Rupert would snap him in two during that argument!
+ Eliza and her famous eyeroll!
+ The blink and you miss it clip of Ozzy's boot in Micronesia was fab - one of the best blindsides EVAH!!
+ "I've been bamboozeled!"
+ The snakes and rats speech still has not been beaten.
+ Colby's "Probst. I'd like to snuff his torch." - was I the only one whose mind went to the gutter with that?
+ Mike Skupin's accident (falling into the fire) still makes my stomach churn.
+ Really, really wish Hatch had paid his taxes so that we could see him and Russell face off.
+ On that note, there are other people I'd love to see on this season - ie Penner and Yul, and it boggles the mind that you can have a "Villians" tribe and NOT have Johnny Fairplay there (even though I loathe him)

Cannot wait for the new season to begin! (I need a Survivor icon!)

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