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I have been waiting for an excuse to use this icon

And now I has it.

Came into office this morning and thought "God, office is cold, did I forget to leave the heater on?" (Because that has been known to happen!)

Checked heater; dials are the same way I left it. But no heat.

Looked in corner; MCB's are fine, nothings tripped out.

Computer is on, and it's plugged into sockets on that circuit, so I'm thinking OK, it's the fuse in the plugtop.

I appropriate (rob) a heater to keep me going while I try to find an electrician. (Given that I work for a company of them, it's surprisingly difficult to do!)

Work away as best I can despite cold in office; after several cups of tea and complaining later, I decide to check again.

Everything same as before, except this time I follow the cable to the wall socket, which us half under my desk.

And I discover the problem.

Some clever so and so has TURNED THE SWITCH OFF AT THE WALL.

I flip the switch; BAM! Instant heat.

Do I even have to tell any of you how mad I was? LIVID is a better word; it was on when I left last night so I have no clue who turned it off.... surprisingly, no one is willing to admit culpability!!

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