smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Well, the thaw continued today - though it was trying to snow when I was leaving site!! The car park this morning was dodgy though, and not in the "fighting to get a space" way but rather the "whoopsy daisy, that's ice not slush!" way. Managed to stay upright though, which was no small feat!!

Got some slightly upsetting news at lunch though - S, the only other girl who works in our site office, was told that she's being moved to a different site, probably next week. Bad news is it's adding about 15-20 minutes to her commute, the good news is there's a bit of work in it (time wise) so her job will be safe, and seeing as the construction industry is dying on its feet at the moment, that's a good thing!! So part of me is glad for her, there's another part of me wailing "NO!!!!! You can't leave me alone with all these boys!!!!!!"

Am currently looking at ebook prices on - some of the prices aren't too bad, are actually less than I'd pay for the physical book in a Waterstones store over here. This could be very very bad people; I have problems resisting the lure of iTunes, but now I can buy books and have them on a slim little gizmo and not have my Mum know how many I'm buying..... somebody, please tell me to stop looking!!!

Speaking of books, I've finished The Secret Scripture for book club tomorrow - the twist at the end was something I thought might happen, but wasn't sure if it would, so yay me!!!
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