smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

At last, the thaw is on!! The "significant snow event" that Met Eireann were forecasting for last night did not materialise - instead, we got rain and high winds. No frost this morning, so I was able to get into work. Sadly, snow is still covering the site; by this evening it had gotten to that horrible "is this slush or is it.... whoopsy-daisy, 'tis ice!!!" stage - as I said to some of the lads when we were leaving, someone's going to go ass over teakettle tomorrow, knowing my luck it'll probably be me!!!

Not that that matters. as we're actually able to get out and about and back to normal!

In happy news, helsinkibaby has made me smile twice today by texting me photos of the adorable Princess Abigail, who is quite possibly the cutest baby in the universe!! (Biased?? Me??? Nah.....)

My book club meeting is on Wednesday night, so I'm currently reading like a demon - I've missed the last 2 meetings because of The Cold Of Doom That Would Not Go Away, so I'm trying to actually have the book read going into this one. It's The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry - not a bad read, he writes beautifully.

Not sure if any of you have accounts on Goodreads - I joined over the weekend, seeing as my LivingSocial iPhone app seems to be acting up. Link to my profile is on the sidebar....

Now, back to The Secret Scripture...... 
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