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So, I did as I was told by Nana and didn't venture into work this morning. And I'm glad I didn't - just rang FavouriteUncle!Jim, who works on the same site, and who did make it in - roads are lethal, there is no water on site because the pipes are frozen, and there was a heavy snow shower there at 10 this morning. I've been keeping up with my mails though; there is something very decadent at being able to reply to work e-mails in my jammies!!

Having seen the weather forecast though, might not make it in on Monday either - Met Eireann are forecasting "a significant snow event" for the east coast of Ireland on Sunday. That's Met speak for "we don't know how mcuh is coming or where on the east coast it will land, so batten down the hatches all over!!"

Am attempting to be slightly productive though and am burning DVD's so I can clear off my external hard drive - 500GB and I'm down to my last 36GB!!!

In fandom news, I saw the cast list for the new series of Survivor: Heroes vs Villians. Unsurprisingly, Rupert (Pearl Islands) is on the Heroes side (pause while I search for my eyes, which have rolled out of my head!). Surprisingly, there is no Johnny Fairplay on the Villians side, although they do have Sandra from that season as a villian (okay then.....) But the big news for me, and what will have me avidly watching this season after not watching the last few, is that one of the Heroes is COLBY DONALDSON, winner of the Australia season and who was voted out far too early in All Stars. I love this guy!!! (IMO, the only Survivor who can talk about playing the game with integrity and not have me throwing things at the mention of the I word!)

Boston Rob is also there, plus James the gravedigger (aka the dumbest survivor ever, who got voted out while holding not one, but TWO immunity idols!!!) And Tom, from Palau (I remember helsinkibaby , who was spoiled, coming into the room to watch that final immunity challenge with me, just so she could see my reaction!!)

It starts airing on February 20th - this is going to be a long wait!!
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