smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

First post of the New Year, so I'll begin by saying Happy New Year - lets hope 2010 is good to all of us!

Am hoping this cold snap / big freeze goes away soon (though that doesn't look like happening!) - took my life in my hands driving into work all week, and it started snowing yesterday around lunchtime. Well, snowing heavily that is, there'd been light flurries for much of the morning. During lunch, I got a "hit the road, jack" phonecall from my boss, so I did what I was told and legged it. Left site at a quarter to 2, and got home just over 2 hours later - the journey usually takes about 45-50 minutes. NOT PLEASANT.

Especially trying to go up a slip road (HA!!! Slippy was definitely the word) and onto the N4 - the councils have an awful habit of gritting the main roads and motorways, but not the slip roads leading on or off them. Do I even need to point out the ways in which this is an epic failure of logic?

So I didn't even attempt to go in this morning. Thought about it, sure, but the roads were just too bad. (Took my Dad 2 hours to get into his office, and he reckons I never would have made it to mine. So good call) Was over in my Nana's earlier on, and she told me not to even attempt to go in tomorrow - there was finger wagging involved.,,,,

That being said, we're nowhere near as bad as the UK - just seen misssimm 's post of the satellite image of the UK from space; that is absolutely scary!!!

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