smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Holy Moly, a month since I updated!! Am not quite sure where to begin....

Most important update to make is that I am now an auntie!! My sister, helsinkibaby , had a beautiful baby girl on December 4th - her name is Abigail Louise, and she has the entire family wrapped around her little finger!!

Had a lovely Christmas - my Dad totally surpised me and got me a Sony Touch, which is a very cool gizmo and shall come in very handy if I make it back to Australia in 2010, which is my plan!! He also got me the s2 Gossip Girl DVD's, which I have been watching through the hols.

Have also been watching a lot of the World Darts Championships, which is one of our Christmas traditions. (Yes, I'm aware that probably makes me quite sad)

There has been one significant damper on the festivities though - day after Stephens Day (Boxing Day to the rest of the world!) got a phone call to say that one of the foreman I've worked with for years had passed away that morning from what looks to be a heart attack. It's just unbearably sad - he was just 41, and has 2 young kids (12 and 10). Hadn't been complaining, in fact, was in absolutely flying form. It's still something that I honestly haven't been able to wrap my head around....

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