smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Am currently downloading the iPhone software update (about 6 months late with this one!) - finally started downloading when I realised that this is the reason my Facebook application no longer diplays properly on the iPhone!! Hopefully, the broadband connection from hell will stay at a reasonable speed so I can get this done..

Dad is flicking between United and Portsmouth and Ireland vs South Africa in the rugby - this could get quite confusing quite quickly, especially as I'm not paying attention!!

Can't believe it's December 1st on Tuesday - where has the year gone? Work Christmas dinner is next Saturday night, have my hair appointment booked for next Saturday morning, got a dress last week when I was out shopping with helsinkibaby , and have borrowed a gorgeous pair of black heels from her for the occasion!! ( as she said herself, she can't wear them at the mo, so someone may as well get use from them!) Should be a fun night, just have to set a reminder on the phone to charge my camera....

Am very looking forward to Strictly tonight - the producers must be ripping their hair out this week, between Ali's injury and Ricky's brush with the law. It's actually becoming a case of Last Dancer Standing!!! Though as Mam said last night, it might be a good thing for Chris and Ola, they might actually make it to the final!!! (My response to this was a very predictable "YEAH BABY!!!!"
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