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Tonights ITT

Oh dear.... now it's Ali who's injured! On the VT, it didn't seem that major; but it turns out that she can't walk, let alone dance. MRI showed bruising on the bones in her right foot, and she'll be going to physio tomorrow. But as Brian told Claudia, he's a realist and it is not looking good right now.

Which means if Ali can't dance, the Beeb are going to have to bring the final forward a week, or there'll only be one couple in it!

This has definitely been the worst year for injuries; and I have to say that I think it's a mess of the Beeb's own making. They started a couple of weeks early because they had 16 couples, but that means they've been dancing for longer so injuries are almost inevitable. What they should have done was follow the DWTS model - same timeframe, but two weeks of double eliminations.

That being said, I felt so sorry for Brian, who is obviously concerned about Ali and devastated at the possibility of being out of the competition. Hopefully Ali will be able to dance, but as Brian says, it's not looking good.

Loved the midweek report with Ryan (who is an amazing dancer) Jenny and James - especially when James appeared to spill the fact that there's a second dance this weekend! (I'd imagine that's Flavia's big announcement tomorrow!)

However, Len singing "Sexyback" was one of the most disturbing things that I've seen on this show....

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