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Strictly Come Dancing, Series 5

So, today was the big day where the Beeb announced the celebs and partners who are on this years Strictly - details (and my thoughts on same) are behind the cut....

Alesha Dixon (Singer with former band Mis-Teeq, and TV presenter.)

Dancing with: Matthew Cutler


Brian Capron (Actor, played Richard Hillman in Coronation Street.)

Dancing with: Karen Hardy


Gabby Logan (BBC Sport presenter, married to rugby star Kenny Logan.)

Dancing with: James Jordan


Dominic Littlewood (Presenter of 'To Buy or not to Buy' on BBC One.)

Dancing with: Lilia Kopylova


Kate Garraway (TV journalist, co-hosts ITV1's GMTV.)

Dancing with:  Anton Du Beke


Gethin Jones (TV presenter of CBBC's Blue Peter. )

Dancing with: Camilla Dallerup


Kelly Brook (Model, actress and TV presenter.)

Dancing with: Brendan Cole


John Barnes (Footballer, played for Liverpool and Watford)

Dancing with: Nicole Cutler


Letitia Dean (Actress, best known as Sharon Watts in EastEnders.)

Dancing with: Darren Bennet


Kenny Logan (Former Scottish International Rugby star. Married to Gabby.)

Dancing with: Ola Jordan


Penny Lancaster-Stewart (Model and photographer, married to rock star Rod Stewart.)

Dancing with: Ian Waite


Matt D'Angelo (Actor, plays Deano Wicks in EastEnders.)

Dancing with: Flavia Cacace


Stephanie Beacham (Actress, starred in 'The Colbys' and recently in ITV1's 'Bad Girls'.)

Dancing with: Vincent Simone


Willie Thorne (Former snooker champion and commentator.)

Dancing with:  Erin Boag 

One of my big wishes for the season was that they gave Matt Cutler a good partner (not that Carol wasn't...) and they've done that in Aleeha - I think I'm really going to enjoy them!! I think the mixed married couples has the potential to be interesting - I also think there;s no way that James will walk all over Gabby the way he did Georgina last year! They resisted the tempataion to pair Stephanie Beacham with Anton -but I think they're playing to his strengths in his partner - I can see her being great at ballroom and awful at latin.

Kelly and Brendan was the pairing everyone was speculating about - I'm not sure about it myself... she's a good looking girl, but somewhat of a personality free zone and we all know Brendan's temper! (Though she does have stage school experience, so we could be okay...) Darren and Lilia could have their work cut out for them - Lilia definitely does, I'll be interested to see Darren and Tish Dean. Hoping that the editors refrain from making it look like Camilla is falling for her partner (though they've done it for the last 3 seasons so I won't hold my breath! Though with the EDC, it's pretty well known that she has a boyfriend, so maybe....)

Slight problem in that it apparently starts on October 6th - which means I'll be in Londaon at Serenity Infinity!! Will have to be anti-social and rush up to the room I think....

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