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Strictly Come Dancing....

Thoughts are, as ever, behind the cut... and if you're on my Twitter feed (link on sidebar) feel free to skip because you've read most of this as it happens!!

Bloody hell, Friday13th hit a day late, didn't it?

First off, have to say that I LOVED Claudia doing the behind the scenes stuff - she really should be there every week!!!

I was heartbroken for Jade and Ian - Ian just looked and sounded so shaken when he was doing his piece to camera saying what had happened. For her sake, I hope it's not too serious an injury - beyond Strictly, she's an Olympic athlete, so obviously a knee injury is way more serious for her than it would be for any of the other competitors. Fingers crossed she'll be okay....

Phil & Katya... I enjoyed this dance, he's totally a ballroom boy.

Ricky & Natlie - you could TOTALLY see where they'd slowed that jive down, I thought it could have been a LOT faster. That being said, it was obvious that his hamstring was bothering him a lot, you could really see it in his reactions when they stopped dancing. I still think the judges are overmarking him, if anyone else had done that dance it would have been straight 8's and no 9's.

Ricky & Erin - I enjoyed this routine a lot, lovely movement around the floor. Not much you can do with the VW, but it was well executed.

Loved, loved LOVED Chris and Ola's paso!! As you can tell from the icon, they are totally my favourites and I'm really hoping that they go all the way. I thought the judges were a little bit mean (Bruno saying he was like a child having a tantrum with all the stamping) - I thought he did really well and it was a good routine. And Ola's dress was fab.

Laila & I tweeted "Another injury? Holy moly..." That being said, a sprained ankle hurts like hell and I felt so sorry for her - you could see when they came down the stairs at the top of the show that she was in serious pain, and they were way late getting to the line up. What we saw of the dance was lovely, and I think if she was in the whole of her health it could have been a really lovely routine. But I loved when it got to the point that she obviously couldn't go on, how Anton picked her up and spun her around. And the judges clearly didn't know what to say to them.... just awful.

Vincent & Natalie - I'm sure it was very good, but as a partnership they do nothing for me., I just zone out when they're on.

Ali & Brian - I enjoyed this routine, but my word it was one of the slowest cha cha chas that I've ever seen!! It was well executed and she looked fab, but really not what I expected. And Craig gave them a higher score than Len, which I think may be a sign of the apocalypse....

As for the danceoff, I had a feeling all night that there was going to be a shock result, so I had my wine glass well and truly topped up before they started announcing the results, Once Chris and Ola got through, I was happy, because I was living in fear of them going home. When Laila was called safe, my mum said that this has to be a fix (she's quite cynical sometimes, but I can't entirely disagree - if Laila had been in the dance off, there was no way she could have danced it!). Felt sorry for Phil and Ricky, but I could not believe it when Len saved Ricky over Phil. OK, Phil & Katya made a mistake in the dance off, but this has got to be the first time that Len made his decision on the danceoff and not overall performance. (And Katya knew they were out as soon as he said he was basing it on who danced cleanest...) Very annoyed right now - do I even have to go into my rant about how Len shouldn't have the casting vote as it essentially means he has 2 votes? No?? Tha's grand so!

Next week will be interesting.... what will they do if Jade is unable to dance?

And with all that said, I'm off to finish my glass of wine and NOT watch X Factor (seriously, after the travesty of last week, I cannot bring myself to watch it. I rely on cheapevilgirl and misssimm to tell me if I missed anything good, and if so I shall YouTube!!!
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