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Spooks 8.02

Hmm.... didn't enjoy this ep quite as much as last weeks, maybe that will change when I rewatch it.

Liked the look of the new guy Tariq - nice to see that when Spooks loses one minority cast member, they replace with another.... Although this guy seems like a real breath of fresh air and his entrance was pretty good!

The scene with Ruth and Jo was lovely - though is it too much to ask that someone remembers Zaf? (Ok, just me then!)

I thought Miranda was brilliant in this ep - sadly, I think there's going to be more traum ahead for Jo; she seems to be the whipping girl of the series.

Don't like the new American girl - not sure if I dislike the character, or if its a residual hate for the actress from when she was in All Saints a few years ago (she was a screaming bitch in that!)

There were some great lines in this ep:
"You have a knighthood Harry, and er, I'm dead. That's our status."
"Ros, Harry's always troubled. He choses his frown with his tie in the morning"
"You heard what he said about the English Rose. I think Jo just about falls into that category" "Cheers Ros" "No worries"

The preview for next week looks good - seems like the arc for the series is about to kick into high gear!!

On a completely seperate note, just saw a report on BBC News where they were interviewing one of the last surviving servicemen from WW1 and WW2, he's currently living in Perth. They showed the War Memorial in Fremantle, and it juts struck me that this time last year, we were up to high doh preparing to go to Australia to visit my aunt (we flew on November 13th). Funny how time flies, isn't it?
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