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Today is the first day all week where I've actually felt well - thank goodness!!! Had a phone call from my General Manager this evening to check how I was, and a text from one of the engineers this morning telling me he hoped I was feeling better, also that he'd paid me into the lotto syndicate so I might have something to celebrate!!

It's actually quite sad how touched I am by the calls and texts I've gotten - I was off sick for 3 weeks when I worked in the HR Dept, and only 1 of the girls (who I was quite pally with) actually bothered to text every now and then to see how I was. So it's nice to know that people actually give a monkeys ( /pity party!!)

Just checked my FB for the first time this week - one of my RL friends did one of those "Which X Factor contestant are you most like?" quizzes, and her answer was Stacy. And may God forgive me, I laughed, because they are actually quite similiar!!! (This particular friend, when she was backpacking round Australia a couple of years ago, would send me postcards with just my address on them, no sender name. Granted, they always reached me because I live on a country road with just 3 houses on it, but still.....)
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