smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Spooks 8.01

+ I screamed at the beginning - totally thought that they actually killed Harry, so glad it was a fake-out!!

+ Nicola Walker is an absolute goddess - I didn't actually realise how much I missed Ruth until she was back on my screen! Had such an ominous feeling watching her life in Cyprus, because it was so obviously going to end badly. But the reunion with Harry, and her reaction when the husband was shot... fantastic stuff!

+ Genevieve O'Reilly can do a passable American acccent. Who knew?

+ Malcolm. Oh Malcolm. He just stole the show for me in this ep - I loved his reaction when he got the "Lady Lazarus" phone call, I loved his face when he saw Ruth, I loved him offering to sacrifice himself for Nikkos, and how he basically talked the baddie out of shooting him....I was PETRIFIED that Malcolm was going to die in this one, yet I still gasped in shock when he told Harry he wanted to retire. Though I am very glad that he's leaving, not in a body bag!!`(I direct you to my icon, and yes I am still BITTER).

+So glad the show is back - can't wait for next weeks ep!
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