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Blah..... am sick. Stayed home from work today, as I am a sneezy, snotty mess and I just couldn't face going onto site in this condition. I always seem to get colds around this time of year - that being said, once it stays as a cold and doesn't migrate into tonsilitis / sinusitis / chest infection, I'll be happy!

That said, it could be worse - FavouriteUncle!Jim has been out of work since last Wednesday with the flu, and there is a chance that it could be H1N1 - this is particularly bad because Jim is the uncle who had a severe heart attack in June 2007, so it's the last thing he needs. Plus my Dad came home from work a little while ago, and he was on my site this afternoon for a safety walk - he brought home the news that my QS is out sick, he also has a bout of cold / flu and can barely speak (which is a real accomplishment, because this guy never usually shuts up...)

Watched ITT this evening - both my faces were on (points to icon). Have to say I felt so sorry for Zoe and James - that dance off was a complete joke on Saturday night (I would rant longer about this, but feel too crap...) especially when they showed their Best Bits, and James got all weepy and made that crack about how he'd spent four years perfecting his bad boy image and they were ruining it all!!

Have to ask though, am I the only who one thinks it's a bit ridiculous that on Saturday night, Bruce and Tess were all shocked at the way the voting had gone? I mean, Craig should have gone, because he's obviously the worst dancer left. But for the last 3 weeks, when some of the couples in the dance off have been surprising (Zoe & James 2 weeks ago, Jade & Ian last week, the absolute travesty that was Saturday just gone), the BBC have been banging the whole "Craig wants to dance in Blackpool!! It's his hometown!!! He must get there even though he's crap!!!" drum; so if they keep harping on about it, they can't very well turn around and complain when the public keep him in!!
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