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Am putting this behind a cut tag so I don't spoil cheapevilgirl

OK, I will admit I was watching TV with Mam and lost track of time, so I had to do a mad sprint up the stairs and dispossess Dad of his TV... came in just as Jamie was being called safe and saw the bottom 3, thought I was going to have heart failure.

Then Lloyd was called safe and I almost did!

Seriously, DANYL and MISS FRANK?!?!?!?.

What the heck was that??????

It just boggles the mind that the twins get through week after week and really good singers are left in the bottom.

Danyl though, delivered a great performance in the sing off, better than Miss Frank, who were very good and I was really worried until Danyl started to perform; he just knocked it out of the park and was just far far better.
Am VERY annoyed at Cheryl though - taking it to deadlock was a complete cop out; I really do think that she was banking on the anti-Danyl sentiment leaving him at the bottom of the public vote, that way she could get him eliminated and not be the bad guy in the situation. Because he so clearly outperformed Miss Frank in the sing off.

I'm also slightly traumatised, because I found myself agreeing with Louis Walsh when he said this shouldn't have been the bottom two, etc etc. Do you know how crazy that makes me??

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