smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

More YouTube love...

You'd think I'd have learned not to surf this site late at night - it's 10.30, my alarm goes off at 5.30 I should be tucked up in bed by now!!!

But instead I'm on YouTube, watching soap clips!! Although my motives were pure - took

helsinkibaby 's advice and looked at Brendan and Camilla's "The Way We Were" from Saturday nights Eourpean Dance contest - oh my god, that was amazing!! I actually cried watching it - it was just so perfect. And I need an icon of it dammit!!!

And helsinkibabyyou might enjoy the following links if you haven't already seen them... Nia Peeples singing at a Gene Anthony Ray tribute in Italy last year... first song is Fame, second is Savage Streets....

And now, I'm going to get into my jammies and go to bed, as morning will not be long about coming and I need all my rest and strength to deal with You-Know-Who.....


EDIT - does anyone know why a line break is inserting itself when I insert an LJ user name?? And more importantly, how in the holy hell I stop it??? Because the entry looks fine when I preview it, but once I post, it goes arseways and it is really bugging me!!

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