smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Wow... more GH casting news!

Just when you think GH can't surprise you any more, they do!!!

Scott Reeves (ex-Ryan, Y&R) and husband of Melissa Reeves (ex-Jennifer from Days) has been cast on General Hospital as Dr Steven Lars Webber. LINK

It's apparently a recurring gig (he'll commute from Nashville) and he's going to be the new Chief-of-Staff at the hospital.

OK, so TIIC have cast a doctor instead of a new mobster - given that James Franco's character has already been described as "Jason's worst nightmare", is it too much to hope that GH is swinging away from the mob storylines and back to the hospital it's named after???

And of course, I foresee a whole raft of "Missy returning to Days" stories in the future as well...
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